OMS loads it’s configuration from several places, in this order:

  • $OMS_MODULE_DIR/opennode-oms.conf (contains hard defaults, bundled with the code)
  • $OMS_INSTALL_DIR/opennode-oms.conf (contains site defaults, provided by installer)
  • /etc/opennode/opennode-oms.conf (contains site configuration)
  • ~/.opennode-oms.conf (contains site configuration, useful for non-system installation)

The configuration files loaded after can override values defined in the ones loaded earlier.



If enabled, will log outputs of every command running in detached mode.

log_detached = no
zabbix_enabled = yes


port = 8080


port = 6022


Path of the zeodb directory relative to oms installation dir

path = db

Can be either embedded, zeo or memory

  • embedded uses an exclusively locked zodb instance
  • zeo uses a zodb instance which can be shared among processes
  • memory uses an in-RAM zodb instance which is not persisted
storage_type = zeo

How often should the zodb packing be performed (default every 5 minutes)

pack_interval = 300

How many times a transaction is retried in cases of conflict

conflict_retries = 10


file = stdout


passwd_file = oms_passwd
permissions_file = oms_permissions
groups_file = oms_groups
token_key = change_me
token_ttl = 600
security_proxy_omsh = yes
security_proxy_rest = yes

If enabled, all model attributes have to have security rights defined with the rights() directive. If disabled, an audit log will be generated for all unsecured attributes.

enforce_attribute_rights_definition = no

If enabled it will audit all access to objects for whose a security proxy is created but they don’t have a rights() directive (Including non models). Slow

audit_all_missing_attribute_rights_definitions = no

use PAM and NSS for auth (overrides local oms_passwd file)

use_pam = yes


server =
username = admin
password = zabbix = 7 = 10001


trace_transactions = no
print_exceptions = no
deferred_debug = no

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